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2023 RCS 周年晚宴

布鲁斯维. 约翰逊体育馆
1000 Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo

Doors 开放 at 5:30pm
Please RSVP by October 13th

RSVP for the Dinner


Sponsorship Opportunities:

Diamond Sponsor at $2,000 and up
Platinum Sponsor at $1,500
Golden Sponsor at $1,000
Silver Sponsor at $800
Bronze Sponsor at $600
Copper Sponsor at $400

All sponsors will receive table recognition at the 周年晚宴 and be listed in the program as well as the RCS website.



2023 周年晚宴 Sponsors


Diamond Sponsors - $2,000 +


Sherry and Harry Bruno are 父母 of Alumni Nathaniel, ‘96, Zachary, ‘02 and Benjamin, ‘05.
Mr. Bruno serves on the RCS Board as Chairman.

Phil and Dorienne Carlton
父母 of Alumni Joseph, ‘19, and Morgan, ‘20
Mr. Carlton serves on the RCS Board.

Mr. 和夫人. 尼古拉斯使用
RCS Alumni Class of 2011
夫人. Costanzo is the RCS Business Manager.

Dr. 和夫人. 艾尔·赫恩
Dr. Hearne is the Superintendent of Redwood Christian Schools.
父母 of Current Students Oscar, 5th, and Stephen, 4th

Mr. 和夫人. 布鲁斯·约翰逊
父母 of Alumni Doug, ’91, and Debi,’93
Mr. Johnson is the Superintendent Emeritus.
夫人. Johnson retired as RCS Registrar.

Roger and April Nunez
Reliable Marine Electronics
父母 of Alumni Wesley, ’12, and Whitney, ‘14
夫人. Nunez serves on the RCS Board as Treasurer.

Mike and Cindy Schaap


Golden Sponsors - $1,000


Jeff and Laura Coon
Alumni 父母 of Sarah, ’12, and Annie, ‘17

Mike and Joan Kady
父母 of Alumni Sarah, ’12, and Lisa, ‘15
Mr. Kady is the Director of Advancement.

The Knuppe Family Foundation
Long-time 支持ers

Patrick and Cynthia Lee
父母 of Alumnus Max, ‘21
Mr. Lee is the Director of Specialized Programs.

Charles and Gaby Marin
父母 of Current Students Hazel, 6th, and Joaquin, 4th

Worley’s Home Design Center
“The One Stop Decorating Shop”

Long Time RCS的支持者s

父母 of Current Student Guanhua (Edward) Cheng, 6th


Silver Sponsors - $800

Dave and Cathy Breslow
父母 of Alumni Lauren, '12, and John, '15
夫人. Breslow is an RCS Board Member and the owner of Breslow Imaging.

Bryan and Lorin Harris Harris Water Heaters, Inc.
父母 of Current Students Jackson, 4th grade, and Rowan, 2nd grade

Robin and Becky Hom
California Crosspoint Academy
Long-time 支持ers of RCS


Bronze Sponsors - $600


KMC Cleaners and Restoring Services
David and Maricela Gehrke
父母 of Alumni Julia, ’23, and Tiffany, '01

Mr. 和夫人. 戴尔Huemoeller
Mr. Huemoeller is the Redwood Christian Schools Director of 体育运动 and Transportation.
父母 of Alumni Jacob ’11, Jay ’12, and Jordan ’15

McNely Construction Company
Parent of Alumnus Joshua, ‘21


Copper Sponsors - $400


Brian and Jennifer Beck
父母 of Current Students Austin Beck, 9th, and Madison, 7th
Brian Beck is a Current RCS Board Member.
Jennifer Beck is the RCS Athletic Secretary.

Charles and Mary Beck
Grandparents of Current Students Austin Beck, 9th, and Madison, 7th
Charles Beck is a Former RCS Board Member.

Albert and Julie Castaneda
RCS Alumni Class of '84 and '87
父母 of Current Student Joshua, 11th, and Alumni Alicia, '15, Joel, '17, and Abby, '22
Dr. Castaneda is the 中学 Principal.

Salvador and Jennifer De Castro
父母 of Current Students Sam, 10th, and Jacob, 12th
父母 of Alumnus Dom, ‘21

Redwood Chapel Community Church
Founding Church of Redwood Christian Schools

Justin and Julia Redemer
父母 of Current Students Hannah, 3rd, Joshua, 5th, Caleb, 8th
Mr. Redemer is the 高中 Principal.
夫人. Redemer is a 教师 Member.

Michael and Margaret Redemer

Rayford and Margaret-Ann Reed
父母 of Alumni Dana, '10, and Leah, '14
Mr. Reed serves on the RCS Board as Vice Chairman.

Parent of Current Student Charli, 8th

Mr. 和夫人. 史蒂夫Swanson
父母 of Alumni Katrina, ‘08, and Jacob, ‘10
Mr. Swanson serves on the RCS Board.

David and Ivonne Thompson
父母 of Current Student Lillian, 12th

Tri-Valley Engineering
Tyler 里夫斯-CEO and Husband to 夫人. 里夫斯
夫人. 里夫斯 is the 4th Grade math and science teacher at RCE.